The Importance of Labeling

A science exhibit with protruding label boards

The protruding label board is a good tool to utilize when making labels readily available to read and necessary to interact with a visitor.

-Throughout this website there will be pictures of different labels on exhibits illustrating the material presented in text. 

What its all about

This website is a student made project for the Boise State English 102 service learning program where the issue of labeling and its advantages in museums is discussed.  What is service learning?  Service learning is a program in which students partake in volunteering at a partner agency, giving each student a specific environment and different situations to learn from.  My service learning took place at the Discover Center in Boise, Idaho...a family science museum where ALL exhibits are hands-on and open for interaction amongst visitors.

This website is created for those working in museums, or those who have a thorough interest in the way people observe and interact with labels.  Searching throughout this website one will find thorough information pertaining to how science exhibit labels promote learning in the way people speak about and discover new information.  Also, there is an instructional page of how to construct meaningful labels which promote self questioning and explain its usefulness in a museum.

For more information on either myself or the Discovery Center, visit the link on the far right side of the link bar or click here to view my page. outside of the classroom type setting we all grow accustomed to.  In the time spent participating in a service learning program, a student will research a question and formulate their own conclusions and ideas about the subject; this website is the manifestation there of.